Wednesday, December 27, 2017


With so many toothpastes available in so many price ranges, it can be difficult to be sure you are selecting the right one for your needs. You need a product that not only protects against tooth decay, but also addresses any special concerns that Dr. Alina Bergan and our team have raised. Look for the American Dental Association seal and do some research to find the toothpaste that best meets your needs.
Choose a Product Approved by the American Dental Association
The American Dental Association approves dental products such as toothbrushes, dentures, mouthwashes, dental floss, and toothpastes when they meet certain quality standards. Before products can display the seal, the American Dental Association must verify that the product does what it claims to do. Look for the American Dental Association seal on the toothpaste package before you buy it. Also, check to make sure that the toothpaste contains fluoride, which helps protect against decay.
Consider Special Needs
You may be depending on your toothpaste to perform extra tasks beyond cleaning your teeth. These are some common concerns that the right toothpaste can address.
·         Bad breath (halitosis)
·         Sensitive teeth
·         Plaque or gingivitis
·         Tartar
·         Yellowing teeth
The American Dental Association’s website has a tool that lets users input their requirements and view a list of the toothpastes that carry the American Dental Association’s seal and address those oral health needs.
Make Your Children’s Tooth-Brushing Experience Fun
If you select toothpaste that contains fluoride and has the American Dental Association seal, most types of toothpaste will be fine for your children if they have no special needs. Allowing your kids to select fun toothpaste can encourage them to enjoy the brushing experience more, so that they brush more frequently and do a better job.
The following toothpaste characteristics can make brushing more fun for children.
·         Fun flavors, such as bubble gum, berry, and watermelon
·         Sparkles and swirls that make the toothpaste appear more attractive
·         Toothpaste that comes in a pump
·         Toothpaste with a container decorated with superheroes

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Thursday, December 14, 2017


It’s the holiday season which means lots of parties and photos and you want your teeth to look their best. Unfortunately, everyday living can dim our smiles. Food, coffee, some juices, and soft drinks can stain your teeth. Poor brushing and flossing can also leave tooth stains. Injuries to teeth or gums can cause some yellowing as well, and in some cases, medicines can discolor teeth.
So, you may need some extra help to maintain or restore your teeth's natural beauty. Here are some of the best ways to whiten your teeth:
1. Reduce additional staining by drinking with a straw or cutting back on coffee and soft drinks.
2. Brush and floss every day.
3. Try a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash.
4. Visit our office for teeth cleaning and an exam every six months.
We can also help you whiten your teeth with in-office professional teeth whitening at our Cedarhurst office. These whitening products are much more effective than whiteners you can buy at the store and are completely safe. Since they're stronger, application by a member of our team is essential to achieve the best results.
Some teeth can resist bleaching. If that's the case, we can try several techniques:
·         Deep bleaching that applies whitening agents over several visits.
·         Veneers and bonds that cover existing stains with a whiter, brighter surface.
·         Laser whitening that uses light to clean stubborn stains off teeth.

Take Care!
You may come across “bleaching stations” in shopping malls or at fairs. Avoid using these as the so-called whitening techniques can irritate your teeth and gums, leaving them highly sensitive to pain. Note too, that the operators of these whitening stands will make customers apply the bleach themselves, to avoid charges of practicing without a license. That should serve as a red flag and a caution to seek trained professionals, like Dr. Alina Bergan, instead.

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