Sunday, May 31, 2015

Keep Your Teeth Healthy this Summer with Simple Dental Care Tips

Let the summer pool parties, barbeques, summer camps, and vacations begin. Summer is a time to slow down, take a break and soak up a little extra time with family.

Summer is NOT the time to let your dental care routines go, which can often be the case when we are on vacation or away from our daily routines.  Dr. Alina Bergan D.D.S. wants to remind you to keep your teeth and gums healthy over the next few months by remembering these summer tips:

"Sip All Day, Get Decay"
As the temperature heats up, it can be tempting to sip on cold, sweet drinks like soda, juice, lemonade, Gatorade or Kool-Aid throughout the day. Prolonged exposure to the sugar in these beverages can really do a number on the enamel of your teeth.  Sugary drinks are one of the leading causes of tooth decay.

Here's how it works: the sugar in soft drinks, juice and other sweet beverages mixes with the bacteria in your mouth to create acid, which damages your teeth.  This damage happens every time you take another sip, creating an ongoing assault to the tooth enamel.  Of course it's best to avoid these sugary drinks all together, but at the very least try not to sip throughout the day.  And remember to rinse your mouth with water after drinking, brush and floss twice a day, and don't skip your regular dental checkups.

Remember to Brush and Floss When Away from Home
It can be easy for kids to fall out of the habit of brushing and flossing when they are away at summer camp, Grandma and Grandpa's or on a family vacation.  Remind your kids to pack their toothbrushes and to brush and floss at their usual times.  Make it fun with a brushing chart they can take with them.

Take Care of Your Braces
Unfortunately, many summer foods can be bad news for braces.  Barbeques and parties can make it very tempting to throw caution to the wind and dig into that corn on the cob, and much on some sticky candy.  But while it may be satisfying in the moment, a loose or broken bracket or wire will definitely cramp your summer style.  With just a little bit of effort, you can avoid making an extra trip to the orthodontist (cut that corn off the cob; avoid eating sticky candy).

Drink Water, and Lots of It!
Adults and especially kids can often get caught up in fun summer activities and forget to drink adequate water.  It's critically important to stay hydrated when the temperatures rise, and water is important for keeping your teeth healthy. Water helps keep your mouth clean and healthy by rinsing away food and boosting saliva levels in your mouth.  Saliva, which is actually 95% water, contains protein and minerals that fight acid and defend your teeth against tooth decay.

In Case of Dental Emergency...
Summer sports and activities can be risky for your teeth, which is why it's important to always wear a mouth guard during contact sports.  According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), mouth guards prevent over 200,000 tooth, mouth and jaw injuries every year.  Not only can a mouth guard protect braces or other orthodontic appliances, they can also protect against mouth cuts, tooth damage/chipping and jaw injuries.

If you do run into a tooth injury, whether it's from slipping near the pool or falling off a bike, Dr. Alina Bergan D.D.S. is here for you in case of a dental emergency.  Keep our office number in easy reach in case you do need to schedule an emergency appointment, 800-223-0801.  Have fun this summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer is Here

Memorial Day yesterday means that the unofficial start of summer begins. Did you know that Memorial Day didn't become an official holiday until 1971, but Americans started gathering annually in the spring to remember those who lost their lives in war during the 1860s, right after the Civil War. Celebrated on the last Monday in May, people still decorate the grave sites of war veterans and hold memorial services, but Memorial Day has also evolved into a day that signifies the beginning of summer.
During the summer months, school is out for most kids and so many people take road trips to visit family members. Others head off to the airport to enjoy a long-awaited vacation far away, while some look forward to spending time with friends and family at home. However you spend the subsequent summer months, there are a few things you can take care of to ensure your summertime is enjoyable.
Checklist for an Enjoyable Summer
  • Have your AC Checked. During the hottest days of summer, many families find themselves sweating it out due to a broken air conditioning system. Be proactive so you can avoid waiting for hours or days because the HVAC repair person is booked solid. Have your air conditioning system checked before or around Memorial Day each year. If you do not have AC make sure to get all your fans out of storage as you will want to have the ready to cool off your house.
  • Remember to ensure your security while away. When you leave for vacation, the last thing you should have to worry about is the security of your home. Install a home security system, if possible, and put a timer on your lights so they go on and off at normal hours. Have your neighbor look out for you.  You can also alert your local police department that you'll be gone, and ask them to drive by your house once in a while to make sure everything is okay.
  • Visit Dr. Alina Bergan before your vacation. Many people put off exams until after their summer vacations. You can avoid the fall crowds and make sure your physical and oral health is in top shape prior to vacation time so there are no unpleasant surprises. The last thing you want is a toothache on vacation.

Our team at Dr. Alina Bergan D.D.S. wants you to look forward to the days of summer by preparing to spend the time safely and comfortably. As you plan ahead, take care of your health and secure your home, you can place your focus on creating memories with family members and friends while enjoying your favorite summer traditions. Call us for your checkup today at 800-223-0801, at our convenient Cedarhurst, NY office!