Monday, November 30, 2015

Dental Cleaning*, Exam & X-rays: Adult - $89 / Kids up to 12 years old - $69

Dental Cleaning*, Exam & X-rays: Adult - $89 / Kids up to 12 years old - $69 Expires 12/31/2015

Osteoporosis and Oral Health

Let’s examine the relationship between osteoporosis and oral health, since 40 million Americans have osteoporosis or are at high risk. Osteoporosis entails less density in bones, so they become easier to fracture. Research suggests a link between osteoporosis and bone loss in the jaw, which supports and anchors the teeth. Tooth loss affects one third of adults 65 and older.
Bone density and dental concerns
·         Women with osteoporosis are three times more likely to experience tooth loss than those without it.
·         Low bone density results in other dental issues.
·         Osteoporosis is linked to less positive outcomes from oral surgery.
Ill-fitting dentures in post-menopausal women
Studies indicate that women over 50 with osteoporosis need new dentures up to three times more often than women who don’t have the disease. It can be so severe that it becomes impossible to fit dentures correctly, leading to nutritive losses.
Role of dental X-rays in osteoporosis
The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) released research that suggest dental X-rays may be used as a screening tool for osteoporosis. Researchers found that dental X-rays could separate people with osteoporosis from those with normal bone density. As dental professionals, our team at Dr. Alina Bergan’s office is in a unique position to screen people and refer them to the appropriate doctor for specialized care.
Effects of osteoporosis medications on oral health
A recent study showed that a rare disease, osteonecrosis, is caused by biophosphenates, a drug taken by people for treatment of osteoporosis. In most cases, the cause was linked to those who take IV biophosphenates for treatment of cancer, but in six percent of cases, the cause was oral biophosphenates. If you are taking a biophosphenate drug, let Dr. Alina Bergan know.
Symptoms of osteonecrosis
Some symptoms you may see are pain, swelling, or infection of the gums or jaw. Additionally, injured or recently treated gums may not heal: teeth will be loose, jaws may feel heavy and numb, or there may be exposed bone. Some of the steps you can take for healthy bones are to eat a healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, regular physical exercise with weight-bearing activities, no smoking and limited use of alcohol, and report problems with teeth to our office, such as teeth that are loose, receding gums or detached gums, and dentures that don’t fit properly.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Secret to Keeping Your Teeth for Life

The secret to keeping your teeth for life involves more than one secret. The first is that there is no secret; and in fact, there really is no difficulty involved. Follow this simple four-step process – brush, floss, rinse, and visit our Cedarhurst, NY office regularly – and you will have healthy teeth for life!

You should brush your teeth twice a day, preferably once in the morning and once at night. Three times a day is optimal as you should brush after each meal.  Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and light pressure; you do not want to scrub away your gums or tooth enamel.
Brush for a minimum of two minutes, and carefully clean all tooth surfaces. Three minutes is better. Use quality toothpaste; Dr. Alina Bergan and staff can recommend the best type for your needs. Keep your toothbrush clean and replace it about every three months.

Make flossing part of your daily routine, at least once a day. Flossing is important for more than just removing food particles between your teeth. The process also helps to remove bacteria that you cannot see. Bacterial build-up turns into plaque, or calculus: a cement-like substance that cannot be removed by brushing alone.

Use floss gently; you do not want to cut your gums. There are many different types of flosses and flossing tools. Dr. Alina Bergan and staff will be happy to help you find the style that works best for you.

Mouthwash does more than just freshen your breath, it helps to kill the bacteria that lead to plaque formation and gum disease. This extra step can go a long way toward having healthy teeth for life.

Keep your appointments
You should have a professional cleaning with Dr. Alina Bergan twice a year. Some patients benefit from more frequent cleanings. Your hygienist will remove any plaque build-up to prevent gingivitis, which left untreated becomes full-blown gum disease. Periodontitis leads to tooth loss.

When you see Dr. Alina Bergan twice a year for a teeth and mouth exam, she can find problems such as cavities, and treat them before the situation becomes critical. Come see us today at our convenient Cedarhurst, NY office!

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