Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Slow Down and Enjoy the Holiday

Wild, crazy, busy, stressful, overwhelming – there are so many negative words that we use to describe the holiday season! But let’s be real, it’s all for good reason. Here are some practices for keeping things calm and collected during stressful times, which I think are especially helpful when guests are in the house, shopping lists are long, and holiday travel is imminent. Here are six ways to slow down and really enjoy the holiday season – take them to heart!

1.    Meditate! Meditation, prayer, or just setting aside some quiet time. This works differently for everyone, and there are so many ways you can use that time to focus and unwind. It is good to start your day this way so you can feel rejuvenated and balanced when your busy day begins. There are also apps you can use to help you with meditation. Headspace is a popular App for quick 10-minute meditations.
2.    Schedule a group exercise activity. Spending a whole day lazing in the living room with your in-laws can drive anyone up the wall; many find that getting a good workout is an instant, foolproof way to get moods back in order. You can book time at local tennis courts and ice rinks with your family, so you can get all of the cousins (and adults!) out and moving around. Yoga class, long walks, spin class or even something fun like Zumba could also work.
3.    Take an aromatherapy bath. It’s tough to find time to actually do this when you have four guests sharing the same bathroom and people to entertain downstairs. But even if you have to do it after everyone has gone to sleep – or, before they’ve waken up – spending fifteen minutes soaking in hot water and essential oils can work wonders for your nerves, mood and spirit. A favorite de-stress essential oil blend is the following: 2 drops lavender, 1 drop neroli, and 2 drop geranium essential oils. 

4.    Holiday shopping should happen online. It’s true; there’s something so fun and magical about spending a day out and about looking at the holiday decorations in the stores – many particularly adore the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman – but shopping online is a major time saver.
5.    Do just one thing at once. We have a tendency to glorify multitasking, but in the holiday season try slowing down and focusing on one task at a time – and really getting into it, not letting yourself become distracted or worried by other things – makes every task so much more enjoyable. Put on some holiday music and put your heart into your tasks of wrapping gifts, decorating the house, or cooking your holiday meal.
6.    Practice gratitude. It’s easy to lose sight of gratitude during the busy holidays, but it’s what will help center you and make you feel a little stressed. Even if it’s just in between thoughts, think about how grateful you are for your family, health, home, the food on the table, the clothes in your closet, and your teeth (so you can eat all the holiday goodies) you get into this frame of mind, life feels full. (PS – check out this recent New York Times piece on the emotional effects of gratitude. It’s powerful!)

We hope some of these ideas make it into your holiday season. I know, they’re easier said than done, but a little bit of intention can go a long way!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What happens if you don’t have your wisdom teeth removed?

One of the things Dr. Alina Bergan and her team monitor during your dental appointments is the growth of your wisdom teeth, or third molars. Third molars generally begin to erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth may require removal for many reasons, including pain, infection, or growth issues. While not all patients need their wisdom tooth removed, problems can develop if removal is not performed.
A lot of people have smaller mouths and jaws, which do not allow room for the third molars to grow in properly. If these teeth do erupt, overcrowding can occur. Your teeth will begin to shift or overlap each other. Wisdom teeth that erupt after orthodontic care is completed can cause the teeth to shift and negate the work performed.
Impacted Wisdom Teeth
When wisdom teeth are impacted, they are trapped below your gum line. Impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful and they are also prone to abscess and infection. The impaction can lead to decay and resorption of healthy teeth.
On occasion, if wisdom teeth are not monitored properly, their growth can shift parallel to the jaw line. They can also shift backward and eventually interfere with the opening and closing of your jaw.
Greater Potential for Decay
Even when wisdom teeth grow in properly, the location can make these teeth harder to care for. This in turn can lead to the growth of more bacteria, and create health issues later in life.
If you do not have your wisdom teeth removed, they will require continued monitoring. Wisdom teeth are just as subject to decay and other problems as the rest of your teeth. Those that appear above the gum surface can often be extracted at a dental office in a fashion similar to any other tooth extraction. Impacted teeth are normally handled by an oral surgeon.
Pain in the back of the jaw and swelling may indicated wisdom teeth that are beginning to rupture or are impacted. A simple set of X-rays will determine the extent and direction of growth. Please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns during your next visit at our Cedarhurst NY office. We will be happy to explain wisdom teeth, and potential removal, as it applies to your specific case.

For more information about wisdom teeth and oral health, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alina Bergan, at her convenient Cedarhurst, NY office call 800-223-0801. You can book online